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Gaelic Language Class
(The Gaelic Class is not meeting at this time. Please follow the links below for more information and educational material)
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Fàilte gu Taigh na h-Alba! (Welcome to the House of Scotland)

The Scots-Gaelic class is no longer meeting. We will place notice if the class reforms in the future.

If you are interested in learning Scots Gaelic there are several resources you can refer to. This class used the Speaking Our Language (video, book, and tape) series from BBC Scotland and Cànan in Scotland. The class and the series experience included:

  • Gaelic Children's TV programs, such as Dòtaman, Montaidh an Cù, and Mire Mara Gaelic singing helped by words and tapes Feature films with Gaelic speaking Handouts from various Gaelic books
  • Grammar study with the Cothrom Ionnsachaidh book and tapes.
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